The Currently Reading Book Tag

I haven't been too active on things, mainly because I'm getting used certain life changes AND I opened up a shop which takes up a lot of my time! I haven't made any wrap-ups or hauls in a while, so let's get back into the books with a casual tag! 🙂 How many books do [...]

Ultimate Book Tag

I love tags. There aren't many people who actually read them, but I adore doing them. It's just so much easier to answer questions than it is to write a review, even though I love doing it! Let's start! 1. Do you get sick while reading in the car? Yes, but I don't get sick [...]

Meet my Pet: Saar!

Meet my Pet: Saar!

Here we are with my last post about my pets! If you are curious about my other pets, you can read Wijn's story here, and Mathilda's here! But this post is all about Saar, are precious, little stinky, loud American Curl! We got Saar in December 2018. She's 5 years old and has a bit [...]