Review: Violet Voss Fun Sized Eye Shadow Palette Berry Burst

I am on the look out for the best travelling eye shadow palette. When I came across this one by Violet Voss, I got really excited, because it looks like the baby cousin of my all time favourite: the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. Did I like this one as much as my favourite?

Berry Burst is an assortment of beautiful berries and warm tone in a variety of finishes.  Creamy mattes to high impact foils this mini will complement any of your looks. – Violet Voss website

So, this palette looks really nice. It honestly does. I was really excited to try it, but when I got it… it was a little bit underwhelming. The shades aren’t bad, but they aren’t amazing. They are powdery, which doesn’t bother me too much, but it does make a mess of the palette.


Now, these swatches my look pigmented, but when applied to the lid they aren’t. You can tell by the first two shades, honestly. And even worse, if you are darker than me, the darkest shades won’t be great crease shades. Well, unless you love light colours in your crease, than you’ll be fine, but if you don’t… well… you’ve got two shades and they aren’t even that great!


Now, the shimmer shades are quite nice. They aren’t amazing like the ABH ones, but they are pretty solid. The mattes aren’t, at all. They are patchy, not very pigmented and don’t blend nicely. Even though the shimmers are good, that doesn’t make this palette worth while. Maybe my standards are high because I’m comparing it to my beloved ABH, but still, I like my eye shadow to be good, regardless of the name.

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