My Favourite Vintage Knitting Etsy Stores!

Since about a year, I’ve taken up knitting. Why, you may ask? Because there are tons of clothes I see the pretty ladies in movies wear, that I can’t find anywhere! I love the 1950s style, but I either have to sell my kidneys to pay for it, or I can’t find anything like it. So, what better way than to actually make them myself? I’ve spend hours looking Etsy stores selling patterns, so let me show you a few of my faves!

I’m not working with any of these shops, don’t worry, they don’t even know that I exist! They all sell PDF files, you won’t be getting any paper patterns from them. These are just some of my faves. Enjoy!

My Vintage Wishetsy1.png
This is my first love in the vintage pattern department! This beautiful shop has amazing patterns, not only are they beautiful, but they are incredibly clear! Some shops don’t have clear scans, but the ones from My Vintage Wish are honestly the clearest of them all. They are more expensive than most patterns, but honestly, they are so clear and a lot of them I haven’t found anywhere else. They sell knitting, sewing and crochet patterns, so if knitting isn’t your thing you’ll be fine! Oh, and they don’t ‘just’ sell patterns for women, there are men’s and children’s too! What I really love about the store as well, is that in the description of every product they give the needle size (you’d be surprised how many shops don’t!!!) and what yarn they recommend using with it! Honestly, this is my favourite shop!

image 0image 0image 0

Icky the Catetsy1.pngNow if you want choice, check out Icky the Cat! While I’m writing this post, they have 11056 (!!!!!!) patterns in their shop, and still counting! If you can’t find a pattern here, you can’t find it anywhere. The shop isn’t specialized in vintage patterns like the other ones on this list, but they have patterns from the early 1900s to the 1990s. Not only that, they aren’t all clothing patterns, they have a ton of home decor patterns and even doll clothing! I really love them, there are tons of great patterns and I love browsing through the pages. If knitting isn’t your thing, they also have crochet, sewing, macrame… Everything basically, haha!

image 0image 0image 0

Vintage Pattern Freaketsy1.pngAnother one that loves vintage patterns! This shop really has everything or everyone. Tons of men’s patterns (which are highly underrepresented unfortunately!) and a lot of women’s casual wear, which is also something you don’t find often! I really love these, the patterns they sell are so pretty! Another plus from this shop: they add the tension and the needles used in the description, which a lot of shops don’t do for some silly reason. I tend to look on tension or needle size (I’m not ready to knit on 2 mm needles!) so that makes things a lot easier for me. This is a great place to start if you are looking for affordable vintage knitting patterns!

image 1image 1image 1

Killer Kitsch Designs etsy1.pngThis shop has some amazingly beautiful patterns. They aren’t the best scanned (don’t print these out, because they are too tiny for paper and you won’t be able to read them unless you have a magnifying glass! They do mention it in the description, but honestly, even changing the size of them makes some unreadable, but bless PDF readers because they are fine there!) but they are so pretty and well explained. I really like them and own quite a few beautiful patterns from them!

image 0image 0image 0

Subversive Femmeetsy1.png

This shop is by someone who just LOVES vintage fashion as much as I do! The patterns are amazing and I really enjoy browsing through them. They sell mostly 40s patterns, but there are a few 30s and 50s as well. The shop makes me jealous, mostly, though. All the outfits are just so pretty and I want them all!! Even if you aren’t into knitting, this shop is amazing to have a look through if you love fashion.

image 0image 0image 0


Here are a few of my favourite shops! Let me know where you get your patterns!


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