My favourite true crime youtubers!

Disclaimer: the channels and videos mentioned could possibly contain: murder, kidnapping, rape and all kinds of evil things. If you are not interested in these things or are in any way triggered by such things (which is totally understandable), please don’t read this blogpost or click the links! 

So, as you may know, I’m really obsessed with detectives. I blame my mother. True crime fascinates me, especially really old cases. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want people to get hurt, at all, and especially not children, but I just find it interesting to watch videos about it! I don’t think that anyone would understand, unless you are interesting in true crime yourself, as it seems like such a creepy interest, haha! For the last few months I’ve been watching a TON of true crime youtube, and I’m always on the hunt for more channels, and it’s actually quite hard to find new ones!! So, to help you all with trying to find your new favourite true crime channel, here are my favourites!

Note: I’m not going to mention Buzzfeed Unsolved, as everyone and their mum knows about them, but they are great and you should watch them if you are curious about watching true crime, as these are really fun and informative, but aren’t too gruesome and aren’t that heavy on the details!

eleanore neale.pngEleanor Neale is one of my absolute favourite youtubers to ever grace this planet. She talks a lot of interesting cases but combines it with the occasional makeup video. I love how she always talks incredibly respectful about everyone, but will call out bullshit when it’s needed. Also, I love her accent A LOT, which is one of the reasons why I love her so much. A lot of youtubers only talk about American cases, or only really famous cases, but Eleanor does mention quite a few UK cases, such as the Bible John Case and Peter Tobin.  She’s funny, witty, does her research incredibly well, respectful and just a pleasure to watch for 9 hours straight (which I’ve done. Multiple times).

eleanore nealeGeorgia Marie  is another UK based true crime youtuber and you can tell she does her research! I always appreciate a youtuber who actually does some in-depth research instead of just opening up Wikipedia and read the page out. She does cover a lot more “popular” cases, but she does them SO well and always brings some new information to the table that I’ve never heard about (and I’ve read and watched A LOT of true crime kids). She covers a lot of cases and even covered a very famous Dutch case, the case of Nicky Verstappen (which is a boy who lived really close to my hometown and disappeared really close to where I live now) and that really shows she really tries her best. Do you know how difficult it is to cover cases from different countries where they don’t even speak English? This girl covers them! And, best of all, she does them WELL. She really is one of my absolute favourite youtubers.

eleanore nealeIf you are more into really dark stuff, Cayleigh Elise has the channel for you. And when I say “dark” I really mean DARK. Some of her videos are flat out creepy and I can’t watch them when I’m on my own. She’s incredibly funny, especially in her earlier videos about mythical creatures. She covers a lot of Jane and John Doe cases, which not a lot of channels do, but it’s so necessary. Though it may not seem like it, a case can be solved with just one phone call by someone who remembers something from years ago. Again, she does some great research (which is kind of a theme here). If you are in need of some really creepy stuff, this is the channel for you!

eleanore neale
Gabby is the gal I go to when I’m in need of some old, OLD, true crime videos. A lot of the before mentioned people cover more “recent” cases, with the occasional older one, but Gabby will talk about Victorian crime and Old Hollywood, which my inner historian just loves to bits! Her research is well done, and her content is quite original with really interesting cases, most of which I’ve never heard of before. She also has a great personality and her story telling skills are really great, which is so important as a youtuber, honestly. If you love vintage, old Hollywood and just history in general, this is the true crime channel that you should definitely check out!

eleanore nealeAll great and stuff, but what if you can’t watch videos with sound, or if you are deaf or hard of hearing and the other channels haven’t added closed captions? Mrs True Crime is here to save the day! Not only does she cover amazingly interesting cases, she has her entire script on screen as well, no need to listen, you can just read if needed! She has really high quality videos and covers all kinds of cases, there isn’t really an overal theme like Gabby and Cayleigh, but she will cover anything that’s interesting. Honestly, of all of these, I’m surprised that Nicole’s subscriber count is relatively low! Her research is amazing, her cases are really interesting and diverse, and she covers cases that nobody else really talked about.

eleanore nealeIf current cases are more your thing, Danelle Hallan has the videos you need. She covers current missing persons cases and her main goal of her channel is to bring everyone back home. Of all these people mentioned, Danelle puts the most of her own thoughts and feelings into her videos. Sometimes it makes a video really drag for me personally, but her content is really great and her overal message is SO important! Though most (if not all) her cases are North America based, it’s still really interesting to watch. I totally recommend watching her if you are more into disappearing cases!

eleanore nealeKendall Rae is probably one of the most famous true crime youtubers on the platform, and I understand why. She covers interesting cases, and mixes her content with conspiracies and who doesn’t enjoy that? Kendall has some great story telling skills and when you watch one, you want to watch them all. Her content is really diverse in cases and lately she made videos featuring family members of people who went missing, or got murdered to get more attention for those cases, which is equally as brilliant as important. I love her and you should check her out if you haven’t all ready!

These are some of the true crime people I watch and they really are my favourites! What are some of your favourite true crime channels? 🙂

6 thoughts on “My favourite true crime youtubers!

  1. I did not know this was a thing and I can’t believe that I did not know. I listen to a lot of true crime podcasts and it would be interesting to consume those stories on a different platform. Thanks for the recommendations! I will have to check them out.

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  2. Hi all. I am sorry if this is not the proper place to ask this but I am a big fan of Cayleigh Elise. I recently saw a tribute to her about her death in April on another unsolved true crime channel. I’ve been searching on the internet and looking at other YouTube’s she’s worked with but can’t find any other information. I do you she was leaving YouTube but this was a remembrance at the beginning of another’s post. Any information would be appreciated. She was a amazing story teller and a very loving soul 😦

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      1. I agree! I’m trying to find the video I saw that said she passed away. Once I find it in my history I will share. I truly hope she is well!

        Should you hear anything from the community please let me know.


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