Reading Goals 2018 – Check-in

As we are in June all ready (finally summer after a long, long winter!!!!), I decided to have a check-in on my 2018 reading goals. So let’s start!

21066318I haven’t finished Poirot yet, but I have read 6 and I’m currently reading number 7. I’ve got about 7 left to read, so we are getting really close you guys!!! I’m really impressed that I’ve read as many as I have, and I’m still not getting bored of him!

32193395I haven’t read the ones I said I would read (being the Secret Garden and the Swiss Family Robinson), but I have read 16 books, and considering that I read (while I’m writing this) 54 books this year, that’s quite a lot! It makes me really happy to read so many children’s books, as they are my absolute favourites.

agI’m getting really good at reading from my TBR! We got new bookshelves (thank you grandparents!!!!) which means that we have 3 shelves upstairs to keep track of our TBR. I only have 1 shelf for my books, so I’m getting really good at it and it feels pretty good to have an almost empty shelf. It just means I can buy more books 😉

All in all, I’m really pleased with this! I put my Goodreads goal on 55 books this year, and as I said before, I’m currently on 54! I’ve read some beautiful books, and some less beautiful, but I’m really pleased that my reading goals are going as well as they are.

How are your goals going??

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