Review: Lee Stafford Hair Growth Scalp Scrub


Like I said before, I like me some good ol’ scalp scrub. As I tried the Sea Salt version from Lee Stafford, would I like this one too?

Scrub your way to longer locks with my nourishing pre-wash ScaLP ScruB! With PRO-GROWTH™ complex and gentle pink exfoliating particles, this scrub works to gently stimulate the scalp, increasing root productivity and accelerating natural hair growth.

This unique pre-wash treatment unblocks the hair follicles while removing product build up and pollution, to clear the way for longer, stronger, healthier hair! – Lee Stafford website

This is a scrub you use BEFORE you wash your hair, which has been really interesting. I don’t really like that it’s a pre-wash product, as it’s another step in my all ready too long routine, but that’s personal, nothing that makes the product worse or better. The particles are really, really tiny. It feels like it doesn’t do anything, because it’s that tiny. Funnily though, it does SOMETHING. It does help make my scalp more calm and my scalp feels a lot more clean after my shower.

It makes sense that it claims to improve hairgrowth, a more calm and happy scalp means that your hair will grow better. I just feel like the scrub isn’t enough. The particles are so tiny I don’t feel like it does anything for me. But that might be just because I prefer a more vigorous scrub. So, this product DOES what it’s supposed to do, it just doesn’t enough for me. If you are like me, and prefer a tougher scrub, try out the Lee Stafford Sea Salt Shampoo, it takes away the extra step (it’s a shampoo instead of a pre-wash) and does more than just cleaning your scalp. If you need just a little bit of exfoliation and don’t mind the extra step, I do recommend you trying this out!

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