Review: Huda Beauty Complexion Perfection Pre-makeup Base


I know, I know, I talk about my dry skin a lot! Come summer, I won’t be talking about it as much, so it’s only a few more months you guys have to hear about it! Today I’m going to talk about a face primer!

What Complexion Perfection is:
Make every day gorgeous with our ultra-hydrating makeup base; a clever, silky smooth formula that moisturizes the skin and grips makeup to improve wearability.

What Complexion Perfection does:
The unique Complexion Perfection Pre-Makeup Base visibly blurs the appearance of pores and fine lines, smoothing the skin for a fresher, longer-lasting, flawless makeup look. Harnessing the protecting and moisturizing properties of dimethicone, and rosehip oil’s highly-nourishing, anti-oxidant rich benefits, the pre-makeup base hydrates the skin for an all-day glow. The creamy, penetrating formula can also be used as a lightweight moisturizer to leave skin soft and nourished without feeling oily. – Huda Beauty website

I take the promises brands make about their products really seriously, so let’s break this one down to see if this one delivers!

This primer is nicely hydrating, not ultra for us super dry skin folks, but it does moisturize, which I do like! It applies really easily and nicely, it’s really soft and you don’t need much to apply to your entire face. So far so good! It just doesn’t improve wearabilty. My foundation just lasts as long as without, which is unfortunate, because that’s what you want a primer to do!

I can’t really talk about it’s blurring properties, as I don’t have fine lines nor big pores, but it doesn’t improve my undereye lines, but as I said, I can’t really talk about the rest of the face. I wouldn’t recommend using this as a moisturizer, as it’s incredibly light and I feel it wouldn’t do enough for your skin.


What I really like about this product, is that it has a pump! A lot of primers don’t have one, and I feel that a pump is quite necessary when it’s comes to skin products. It does get some big plus points for it!

So, my verdict? I like it, as an extra moisturizing base, but it doesn’t prime my face, doesn’t improve the weartime of my foundation, and it isn’t enough for me personally on the hydrating front. I won’t repurchase this product, that’s for sure, but I would recommend it to people who just need a little extra boost of hydration and don’t wear foundation for hours on end or on a regular base.

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