Review: Bad Girls Throughout History by Ann Shenn

I’m really loving the sudden popularity of women in history. There are never enough books for me! Today I’m going to review Bad Girls Throughout History, one of the more popular ones this year.

I’m going to start with the positive. There are 100 women in this book, the art style is amazing and it’s really enjoyable read.

Now onto the less positive. This book is EXTREMELY American centered. American women get a whole page whereas women from other parts of the world only get a few lines. The amount of women that aren’t white is little too, which is quite annoying.
The chosen women are extremely obvious too, nobody was new to me and most of them were from the 1800s upwards. They missed a really great opportunity with some amazing women.

The book isn’t bad, and I’ve read that there’s a second book being written, so hopefully that will be more inclusive. The idea is great, the art style is amazing and my favourite of the bunch of books I’ve got, but it’s execution just isn’t great. I do get it though, you need investors, you need publishers to have an interest in your book, but, again, hopefully part 2 will be better and less disappointing!

I gave this book 3 stars on Goodreads and you can buy it here!

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