Review: Lime Crime Venus Palette


[Editors note February 2018] When I first wrote this review, the only thing I was aware about Limecrime was their creditcard issue. I’ve been made aware of a L O T more issues about the owner and the company as a whole and will never ever support this brand again. I will be giving away this palette to someone else as I don’t want to own this one in my personal collection. I will leave this review here, however, as I have it written and maybe there are people out there who are curious about this palette. Just know that I will never ever in my life support this brand again. And you shouldn’t too. 

This tiny palette is in a cardboard, but solid casing. It has 8 shadows and a nice sized mirror. The colours are really nice, this is basically a palette with my name written all over it.



I’m not going to pretend that these are the best shadows I’ve ever tried, because they aren’t. This is a very dry palette, meaning that it doesn’t feel as smooth and buttery as, let’s say, the Morphe 35O palette, but at least they are pigmented, the mattes at least. Only a small tap will give you enough to start a nice blend. The only thing is that Venus and Creation are basically the same colour, Venus has just a tiny little bit more red in it. It doesn’t look like it in the pan, but when you apply it, it looks way too similar. Actually, all the colours look different than in the pan, which isn’t that much of an issue to me, but if you are unsure about the colours, beware!


The only colour that doesn’t really suit me, is Rebirth. It’s a type of  coral pink that just doesn’t look good on me personally. Other than that, these shades are really nice. I do like this palette, but it isn’t special and not really worth it’s money. I think the money you pay goes more towards the packaging than the shadows. For me personally, it needs a bit more bling, as I love me some glitter on my eyeballs. It’s sturdy enough to travel with, if you don’t go by plane. It’s a decent palette, but not the right one for me. I don’t think I’ll be buying anymore eyeshadows from this brand, at least for some time, because I really don’t believe these are worth the money.

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