Review: Colour Pop Super Shock Cheek in Bardot, Holiday and Birthday Suit


I made a HUGE Colour Pop order when they had free shipping, so get ready for a lot of Colour Pop reviews! First up, some Super Shock Cheeks, how do I like these blushes?

This long-wearing crème powder cheek formula is the BFF of our famous Super Shock Shadows; it shares the same unique texture that is extremely buildable and blends smoothly to leave the cheeks looking healthy.


First up is Bardot, a nice dark, coppery, rusty red with some shimmer in it. It’s a beautiful colour that looks really scary in the pan, but when you use a stippling brush, it looks beautiful on the cheeks. I don’t really look too great in really bright blushes, but this is the perfect blush for my really pale complexion. I don’t think it would look too nice if you have a more darker complexion, as it is so dark.

Next is Birthday Suit, a neutral pink. Don’t be too alarmed by the way it looks, I just used it as an eyeliner! This is a really nice pink that isn’t too obvious nor too out there. Again, I recommend using a stippling brush with this blush, it makes all the difference!

At last, Holiday, a more bright colour, described as a “true, mid-tone peachy pink”, but it looks a bit more coral on my skin. It does look really nice, but I need to use a light hand because, due to my pale complexion, it will look extra bright. I think this would look really nice on a more medium to darker complexion.


I really, really love these blushes. They look a lot better with a stippling brush as compared to being applied with your fingers, but they feel really nice, last pretty long, are really beautiful, and only 8 dollars!!!! Honestly, I’m wondering how Colour Pop can make amazing products for such a low price, but I’m not complaining!! I really recommend trying these out, I’ve been using almost nothing else since I got these, I actually have to force myself using my other blushes, because I feel bad for neglecting them!

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