Book Review: the Adventure of the Six Napoleons and Other Cases by Arthur Conan Doyle


Oh Sherlock Holmes, how I love thee. I have watched several adaptions of it and I have read some of the books, but I have never heard of the stories in this book! This book is a short story collection about our beloved Holmes and Watson. The stories aren’t in chronological order, so I recommend reading the “main” books before you read this one. The stories are about 20 pages each and are of varying quality, in my opinion.

The first part of the book is a bit slow, it has one story that really stayed with me, but nothing really that great. The second part of the book is a lot better, with more interesting stories.

When the winter approaches, I usually get into a reading slump. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t read as much any more (if any books at all) and I just have 0 motivation to read, but this book did help it a bit! Because of the short stories I didn’t feel like it dragged on and I could easily put it down after each story.

It isn’t the best Sherlock Holmes book I have read, I prefer the Sign of Four still, but it is really nice to read!

You can buy this book here!



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