Review: Style Me Vintage Home by Keeley Harris


I absolutely LOVE the Style Me Vintage series. They are informative, greatly written and have beautiful photos that give you a great insight into a vintage style,  but is this one about your home as great as the ones about personal style?


The layout of this book is exactly the same as the others, divided by decade and each decade gets it’s own spotlight. The chapters are really thorough, mentioning everything you’d ever want to know about decorating your house and even more, and have beautiful photos.


Look how cute this one is!! Really my favourite page, it’s a kitchen from the 1950s.

Not only does the book cover the overal picture of furniture and descriptions of the key elements of a vintage household, but also mentions plates, kitchen supplies, and home accessoires. Anything to get the real feeling like you stepped back in time!

I never expected this book to be as thorough as it is, I especially never expected to even mention what kind of plates were en vogue in the 1950s, and I definitely learned a lot from it. I consider myself quite an enthousiast for decorating and vintage stuff, but wow, I really learned so much more than I ever expected, which is my favourite thing about this series, it surprises you with how little you actually know. The writer definitley spend a lot of time researching what she wrote about, and you can feel the love from every page!

If you are looking for a book about how to style your house more vintage-like, or you just want a book that is about homes in a certain decade, I’d totally recommend this book!


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