Review: Style me Vintage 1940s by Liz Tregenza


Here we are again with another book I used for my research for the History of Beauty project!
What is this book about?


I LOVE the Style Me Vintage books! They are really well written, have got great pictures and give you actual inspiration for everything. This one is different than the others though, because this one is about a whole era.
It talks about makeup, hair and fashion and not only focuses on American styles, but also UK, France and even Germany, the latter which really surprised me.

Like I said, the book gives you inspiration, but in the form of tutorials for makeup and hair. The tutorials are really basic, text and photos, but really well described and easily to recreate!


The book has got a nice blend of “new” pictures and vintage pictures from the 40s, including this nice dress and it’s 40s ad!

If you love vintage style and your style is 1940s, you really can’t go wrong with this book! It features the history of beauty of the 1940s, how to do your makeup and hair, and how to dress in the early, in the war and in the late 1940s and it’s just a great book to have!

You can buy it here.


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