Review: OGX Tea Tree Peppermint Calming Body Lotion


Now it’s no secret that I have really dry skin. It’s also no secret that the OGX Tea Tree shampoo is my favourite shampoo to battle my eczema. Is the body lotion any good too?

This is a body lotion especially made for people who have really dry, red, irritated skin. Its consistency is quite thin, funnily enough that’s usually the case with lotions. It absorbs quite quickly, but you can feel a sort film on your skin. It has a very heavy scent, so be careful if you are sensitive!!

Personally, it doesn’t do enough for my skin. My skin is insanely dry and if I use this product I need to use it twice a day for it to make my skin feel any better.I recommend the Dove Body Lotion over this one. I think this body lotion is better for summer use, so when your skin isn’t as dry as it would be in the winter. It isn’t bad, it just doesn’t do enough for me!

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