Review: Pink Think by Lynn Peril


As I mentioned in my blogpost about Betty Cornell’s Populiarity Guide, I really like vintage things. So, what was it like to be an actual girl or woman in those mid century times?


Lynn Peril writes really great non-fiction books, my review about College Girls is also a book written by her. She writes funnily, not dry, and interesting. Nothing is more boring than a book written dryly. And the best part? She includes minorities. We aren’t just talking about white people, but all kinds of minorities are included as well, though the main focus is still, unfortunately, white people. Sorry!

The book explores the “Pink Think” myth, why are girls conditioned to just like pink things? Why are girl’s toys the way they are? Why is it so bad to be a girl? Why can’t we just be ourselves and do we have to be like society wants us to be? We didn’t even have any proper body rights, and depending on where you live, you still don’t. Why?

If you are a feminist, or are studying about this theme, or have some free time, please read this book. It’s amazing. Honestly, I can’t explain to you how much I love this book and how you should read this. Everyone should. This book questions everything and I honestly believe that if you are a parent-to-be, you should read this book, just so you have a little voice inside your head to make your child the best person they can become without anything you do for them being toxic.

Read it. Educate yourself. Educate the future.

You can buy this here.


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