Review: Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Collection Zingara


Apart from ordering some lipproducts, I also ordered 4 eyeshadows from Colourpop!
Here’s my review on the Zingara Collection.


From left to right you’ve got:
Seeker, a nice matte but duochrome-y purple brown.
Jinxie, a pearlized champagne gold.
Elixir, a nice full matte orange.
Paradox, a satin burgundy red.

What EXTREMELY impressed me about these eyeshadows is how incredibly soft they are?? I literally gasped when I swatched these. These are probably the softest eyeshadows I have ever touched. What is also really impressive is how pigmented these beauties are:


These swatches are made by one swipe! Usually, matte eyeshadows are the ones that are less pigmented, but in this set, it’s the more shimmery one. It isn’t badly pigmented, as you can tell, just less than the matte ones!

I really, really love this set. They are soft and buttery, pigmented,  and are a dream to apply.
Honestly, these are amazing, probably some of my favourite eyeshadows, maybe even better than my favourite palettes. As soon as I can order again from Colourpop, I will surely buy some more eyeshadows, because these are terrific!!
If you ever needed a sign to make you buy the Colourpop eyeshadows: this is it.

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