Review: the Art of English Murder by Lucy Worsley


By now you know that I’m a big detectives fan, I mean, I even have a tag for them on my blog. So how great is a book based on murder and how detectives are what they are today?

The synopsis according to Goodreads:

Murder — a dark, shameful deed, the last resort of the desperate or a vile tool of the greedy. And a very strange, very English obsession. But where did this fixation develop? And what does it tell us about ourselves? In The Art of the English Murder, Lucy Worsley explores this phenomenon in forensic detail, revisiting notorious crimes like the Ratcliff Highway Murders, which caused a nationwide panic in the early nineteenth century, and the case of Frederick and Maria Manning, the suburban couple who were hanged after killing Maria s lover and burying him under their kitchen floor. Our fascination with crimes like these became a form of national entertainment, inspiring novels and plays, prose and paintings, poetry and true-crime journalism. At a point during the birth of modern England, murder entered our national psyche, and it s been a part of us ever since. The Art of the English Murder is a unique exploration of the art of crime and a riveting investigation into the English criminal soul by one of our finest historians.

Read that synopsis, how can you not be interested in this book?
I went in thinking I wouldn’t learn anything, but damn, did I! This is a great book if you want to learn more about how murder is a thing people can actually make money off. It also includes small biographies on several authors (among others Agatha Christie), but if you haven’t read all of the books mentioned in the book, don’t read it.There will be spoilers!! 

This book made my buy even more books, because of the recommendations and those recommendations are great too!

If you want to learn more about murder, how it became popular in the Victorian Era, how people are (still!) making money of it, you should definitely read this book!

You can buy this here.


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