Review: Essence Matt Touch Blush in #20 Berry me Up!


Unfortunately, fall is upon us. Fortunately, that means I can use more dark makeup! As I’ve only started using blush this year, I don’t have the biggest collection yet, so I went to the drugstore and looked for a more dark blush, and here we are, writing a review about it!


I saw this Essence blush and was immediately drawn to it, not only for it’s colour, but also for the cute grid that’s in it!  The packaging is hard plastic, but really slim and lightweight, I think it’s pretty nice for traveling. What I’m surprised about, is that it really is incredibly soft to touch!


It’s a really nice colour, and it’s way more pigmented on my brushes than it is on my fingers and swatches, a light hand is recommended with this blush! I find the colour more of an orange tone, and not a berry toned one, but it’s nice nonetheless.

Honestly, for such a cheap drugstore brand, this blush is amazing. It’s nice and soft, the pigmentation is great, the lasting power is all right and it’s great for the colder weather! If you are on the look out for a drugstore blush, I totally recommend checking out this one!

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