Review: Aussie Dry Shampoo


I love dry shampoo. I use it every week. Unfortunately, my favourite dry shampoo, the Batiste ones, aren’t that incredibly cheap in the Netherlands, and considering I’m on a budget, I don’t like to spend a lot of money on those things. When I was in Germany I found the Aussie Dry Shampoos, for only 2 euro! I HAD to try them! Are they comparable to the Batiste ones?

First thing I need to note about these dry shampoos is that they smell, especially the Volume one. I love Aussie product, and I especially love the smell of their products, but these are just … off. They smell like the usual products, but a bit more chemical, so be warned if you are sensitive to smells!

Now, as for the actual product… It doesn’t do anything, it only makes my hair greasier. I apply it, my hair looks great, but an hour later my hair is a greasy, gross mess. It doesn’t really leave your hair and makes your hair feeling really awful too. Which is such a shame! Aussie usually does things right, but the dry shampoos are a definite pass for me…

Don’t waste your money, and just buy the Batiste dry shampoos, they are more than worth the extra money!

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