Review: The Archived by Victoria Schwab


Sometimes you don’t feel like reading historical non-fiction. And sometimes you don’t feel like reading classics. Sometimes you just feel like reading an easy readable, fun contemporary book. And the Archived is just that.


Okay, I have to confess, it was talking about history and librarians, so it’s obvious  I needed to read this. But honestly, this book is great.

The writing style isn’t amazing but good, the plot isn’t amazing but good, but this is such an enjoyable and great, easy read. You get emerged in the story and you’ll find it hard to put it down. At least, that’s what happened to me! This doesn’t really happy to me, I can easily put a book down, but the Archived really made me read hours on end, try doing that with ADD!

I don’t really enjoy books set in the now, I don’t really like romance stories, and this book has both. The romance is a plot device, so important, but not really thrown in your face and all that soppy stuff. And REALISTIC. Ok, I mean, ghosts aren’t really realistic [or are they…?], but the romance is done WELL and not Twilight-y, if y’all know what I mean. The characters are great, they are flawed and they are human. This book just makes you want to read more and I ordered the next book in the series IMMEDIATELY after I finished the Archived!

It’s an amazing book which will make you laugh and will you make you feel good and makes you want to finish the book in about 3 hours time. I had to restrain myself to not finish it in one day. I actually enjoyed it so much, that when I finished the book, I bought the sequel the same day. And if that does’t say something, I don’t know what will!


You can get this book here.

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