Children’s Book Sunday: Betty Cornell’s Teen-Age Populiarity Guide by Betty Cornell


I love vintage clothing but I also really adore the mid century children’s books. So, how’s a book WRITTEN by a teenage fashion model from the 1950s?

This book is a “self help” book for teenagers how to get the best out of themselves. And that’s my favourite thing about this book, it doesn’t tell you how to lose weight and how to get those boys, it’s how to be the best version of YOU.

What I noticed as a teenager, was that a lot of the magazines were only telling us what to do for them boys. And I’m not up for that. Still not. But this book that’s written in the damn 1950s, tells you how to be the best of you FOR YOU. Of course, there are chapters about how to be a great date and how to be a great girlfriend, but that’s part of being a teenager too, and it isn’t just all about that.

My favourite part of this whole book is the fact that it tells you how to GAIN weight too. As a person who has been underweight all her life, this is amazing. Not everyone chooses to be stick thin, some of us can’t help it. I feel like I’m bashing our magazine culture today, which I’m honestly not!, but all I ever saw in the magazines about weight is how to lose it, not to gain it. This book also advice’s to see a doctor whether you are gaining weight or losing weight because your doctor knows what is the best way of doing things for you, and if that isn’t A+ advice for young teenagers I don’t know what is.

The book is divided in several chapters and are told in a very fun and informative way. Because the author was a teenager when she wrote it, it feels a lot more like a friend who’s telling you this. I would totally give this book to my younger cousins to read, because even I, with my 22 years, learned a bit from this book!


You can buy this book here.

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