Review: Severed by Frances Larson


As you probably know by now, I’m fascinated by death. I don’t know why? But especially death in by gone times is really fascinating to me. I could write a book about the fun facts I know about this. But here we are, reading a review about the history of decapitation, and it’s honestly a lot more fun than it sounds!


I’ve wanted this book for a while, and then I saw it in the airport and HAD to have it. I mean, it’s about the history of heads and how they get lost, how cool is that?
Basically, the book is divided in chapters and per chapters the writer delves into the history of the subject. We talk about the shrunken head business, phrenology, heads for sciences and much more.

I have also learned what the best way is to decapitate a head, not sure what I am going to do with this information in the future, but hey, at least I know now!

I expected the book to be more like Rest in Pieces, but it is not! It really is more a non-fiction format book than that. But it’s really great, really interesting, and about a subject we don’t read or know too much about, really. I didn’t know the shrunken head business was because of white people, for example. And when I can learn something from a book, it’s definitely a GOOD book. It’s a bit dry and dull at points, at least for me, but it’s definitely a book worth finishing, and one you should really pick up!


You can this book here.

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