Children’s Book Sunday: Doctor Who Time Lord Fairy Tales by Justin Richards


I’m a big Doctor Who fan, I’m also a big fairy tales fan. Could this be a match made in heaven?


I’m classing this as a Children’s Book, but honestly, it isn’t, not really.
I mean, if you have a child who is a big fan, this is a great book, but read it before you read it to your child please! Why? Because some of these stories are damn scary.

I’m not even joking, it’s really, really creepy. Like, REALLY creepy. They made me feel really uneasy at some points.
The fairy tales aren’t all like that, there are some really sweet ones, like the first one, the Garden of Statues. Which feature everyone’s favourite creepy villains, the Angels.
The Doctor doesn’t really play a big role in the book, but is featured in one story.

Honestly, if you have a child (or grown up) in your life that loves Doctor Who, get them this book. Just make sure to read it before you read it to kids, just so you don’t scar them for life, please!


You can buy this book here.

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