Review: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson


As you may know by now, I love classics. I love detective-esque books. I love mystery books. So, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde should be right up my alley, right?


I mean, read the description and tell me you are not intrigued?! But oh boy. Oh boy. OH BOY. This was a horrible book.

First of all, the story is about 70 pages short. Which all ready slightly disappointed me, I expected it to be a lot longer, but that didn’t stop me from getting it and reading it! Especially as it was only about 5 pound. Who is going to complain about that?

But then I read the story. OH BOY. It’s horribly written, very typical “evil will be exterminated and good will always win!”. I mean, I get WHY people could love it, but these are probably the same people who don’t really read any gothic fiction, nor read any true mysteries. The entire story felt very forced, as if mister Stevenson needed to write a book quickly because the next bill was coming in. It was rushed, not well thought out, and it just felt so forced and implausible. Ok, gothic fiction isn’t known for it’s plausibility, but reading a gothic book is supposed to send you to these places and make you feel creeped out. And did this do it? No.
Maybe I’m just bitter because everyone knows about this book, everyone knows what it’s about and everyone goes on about what a masterpiece it is. Maybe I just got my hopes up too high and got disappointed. Or maybe this book is just shit. You decide!


You can buy this book here.

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