Children’s Book Sunday: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott


Little Women is such a special book to me. I’ve got an old Dutch version that my mum used to read when she was a child, I even learned how to read with that book! I just HAD to have the original Little Women, in English, in this most beautiful cover!

Now, I’m obviously biased because this book is my favourite book ever, BUT, the English version I own, is completely different to the Dutch version I own. Obviously not just in language, but also the story. I think my Dutch version was a lot more made for children, because damn, this book is S.A.D. I cried. Several times. Every time a certain name popped up I started crying. My babies!


But, you might wonder, what is this book about?
The book is about four sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy March who live together with their mother who they name Marmee, and their household help Hannah in America during the Civil War. Their father is in the army and isn’t their for most of the time. We see the four sisters grow up, together with their neighbour Teddy and we see them becoming “little women” (OOOOOOH what a clever title usage).

Why I love this book so much is because I recognise myself in Jo and Meg so much. Jo is a writer and works hard to achieve her dream of becoming an author. Now, in the 1800s being a woman and a writer for that wasn’t easy! And Meg, well, Meg is the most stereotypical woman there is. She wants the whole beauty, family, marriage package, and that’s me as well!
Because this book has got five main characters, it’s easy to have a favourite character that you identify with. All of the characters are different in their own right and that’s SO NICE. Especially nice when you are a child, you want to identify with the characters.
Meg is a typical woman woman, Jo is a tomboy, Beth is sickly but the sweetest child to ever grace the planet, and Amy is the young spoiled child, but you see all of them grow in such great characters and just, THIS BOOK IS GREAT.

This book is a great book for children, but the English is a bit difficult in this book. Luckily the Geronimo Stilton series has got a Little Women version as well, which is a lot more easy to read, but does leave out some of the things in the book!

But really, we all want this book because of the cover, don’t we?

You can buy this beautiful edition here.

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