Review: Etude House – Sweet Recipe Dear my Jelly Lips-talk in JOR203

Always wanted to try an orange lipstick, but never dared? Than this might be the lipstick for you!collage

I always loved Korean makeup for it’s aesthetic, because they looked so cute! Especially from Etude House, so here I am reviewing one of their lipsticks.
The packaging is amazingly cute, not denying that. The ring on the outside shows the color on the inside, and can also be taken off. The product has got a really cute monogram on it, like a little carriage.
DSCN1327Now, it does have a smell. It smells extremely sweet of candy, so if you are sensitive to scents, be careful. It doesn’t really transfer to your lips though, but it can still be really bothersome.

The colour pay-off is very sheer, but you can tell it’s orange. It’s a really good starter orange, not too noticeable, but you can tell it’s a red-orange. 2

It does settle into the fine lines on your lips, so if that’s not the look you want, skip this colour lipstick all together (I can’t talk for the other colours, as I only own this one!).

It doesn’t dry out your lips, which is a plus, but the lasting power is very minimal. It stays on for about 1 to 2 hours, but don’t drink or eat during that, because it just transfers. It’s a cute colour, cute packaging, and makes my lips look adorable, but if you want staying power, this isn’t the one for you either!

You can buy this lipstick at

4 thoughts on “Review: Etude House – Sweet Recipe Dear my Jelly Lips-talk in JOR203

  1. I’m surprised! I’ve been in the Etude House shop multiple times, but I’ve never swatched this collection of notebooks. I’m quite surprised that this orange is so sheer, but I love it!


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