Book Review: The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

Do you like Victorian mysteries? Authors with great names? Relatively old English English? Then I’ve got the book for you!

Unfortunately, the cloth bound issue that I own, doesn't like being photographed!

The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins, has become my favourite book in a very short period of time.
The book revolves around two half-sisters, Laura and Marian, the artist Walter Hartright, and the mysterious Anne Catherick, who is the Woman in White. The reason she is named the woman in white, is because she only wears white clothes. Who would’ve thought right?
The book is set in the 1850s, and the book is also written in these years. Yes, Wilkie Collins writes Victorian novels and I’d like to thank him for that because it’s amazing.
Ok, short summary:

The book starts with Walter getting a new job, on his way to London he meets a woman in white, who, he later finds out, escaped an asylum. They chat a bit, and Walter discovers that the lady knows the people he’ll be working for at Limmeridge house. They get to London and there is where their acquaintance stops. Or so he thinks.
He arrives at Limmeridge house, and together with Marian he tries to discover who this lady in white is. Why does she know this family? Why is she so afraid of Laura’s fiancé, Sir Percival?

This is seriously the shortest summary I could give you without spoiling anything. Just read the book, basically.

My favourite and also most hated part of this book is that it’s written from different points of view. The book is written as if it’s a casefile. Each character tells their story and events one by one. It starts with Walter, and we pass many people. They also only tell about the events surrounding the case. Which is vague, but Id be spoiling too much if I told you more. The people writing tell no more than needed.

This book is one of my favourite books, and surprisingly easy to read as well. If you like sensation novels, Victorian settings, and fat books this is the book for you!


You can get this edition here.

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